The Science Behind Nephure

The Science Behind Nephure

Discover How Nephure Can Help Maintain Your Low-Oxalate Diet*

*Based on simulated stomach environment testing.

How Oxalate In Food Affects Us

Oxalate is all around us when we shop and eat, in foods from spinach and nuts to potatoes and chocolate. Yet so many people are unfamiliar with oxalate and the role it plays in nutrition every day.

Oxalate is the chemical outcome of metabolism in plants. While oxalate serves an important role in the growth and regulatory functions of plants, it serves no known benefit for your body. Oxalate that you consume becomes a waste product and is disposed of through the kidneys and urinary tract.

Oxalate is also considered an “anti-nutrient” because it binds with nutrients we need, like calcium, magnesium and iron, making them less available for your body. Read more about oxalate and its effects on your food.

What Can Be Done About Oxalate

More and more people are looking to oxalate-reducing or low-oxalate diets in order to help maintain kidney health. The average person eats about 250 mg of oxalate every day - up to five times the amount recommended for those who are advised to follow a low-oxalate diet.

The traditional low-oxalate diet requires eliminating oxalate-packed foods, which tend to carry many other beneficial nutrients. However, innovations like Nephure are making oxalate reduction diets easier allowing the freedom to still enjoy some of your favorite foods*.

*Based on simulated stomach environment testing.

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Nephure is an innovative enzyme food ingredient that breaks down oxalate in your diet. It was developed by a team of scientists who are passionate about providing tools to offer more freedom of choice for people with oxalate-related nutritional limitations.

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We believe that oxalate education is important, not only for people who are actively working to maintain kidney health, but also for people who hope to become more health conscious and informed about the food we eat.