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Dietary restrictions, especially with oxalate-related nutritional limitations, can hold you back from enjoying a happy, healthy life. The first-known product of its kind, Nephure is an oxalate-reducing enzyme* allowing more freedom in your food choices.

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*Based on simulated stomach environment testing. 

What is Oxalate?

What is Oxalate?

Oxalate is found in plant-based foods, and is a so-called “anti-nutrient” because it binds with nutrients we need, like calcium and other minerals, making them less available for your body. Oxalate can be found in a wide array of foods especially leafy greens like spinach and kale, as well as potatoes, chocolate, grains, nuts, beans and more.

The Low-Oxalate Diet

The Low-Oxalate Diet

More and more people are recommended to follow a low-oxalate diet to help maintain a healthy calcium-oxalate ratio for kidney health. This means reducing or giving up foods full of oxalate – sometimes nutritious foods. This diet takes hard work and can be socially and emotionally restricting.

Nephure: The Oxalate-Reducing Enzyme

Enter Nephure:
The Oxalate-Reducing Enzyme

Nephure is an essentially tasteless food ingredient that reduces oxalate in a variety of foods and beverages.* It is inspired by an enzyme found in nature after years of scientific research. Nephure provides more freedom in food choices, simplifying your low-oxalate diet and improving quality of life.

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Wouldn’t it be great to get some help staying healthy and experience the things you love? We thought so, too.”

— Helena Cowley, CEO and Co-Founder

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We believe that oxalate education is important, not only for people who are actively working to maintain kidney health, but also for people who hope to become more health conscious and informed about the food we eat.

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